Bicyclist still in hospital after cougar attack

Washington State Fish and Wildlife Police confer with an individual from the King County Medical Examiner's Office and a King County sheriff's deputy on road above Snoqualmie Washington following a fatal cougar attack

Experts Say There Was "Something Wrong" With The Cougar Who Killed a Seattle Cyclist

One man was killed and another injured in a mountain lion attack near North Bend on Saturday, the King County Sheriff's Office reported.

Myers identified the deceased victim, a 32-year-old Seattle resident, as S.J. Brooks.

The cougar eventually released Sederbaum and went back for Brooks, at which point Sederbaum rode two miles on his bike for cell phone reception to dial authorities.

Law enforcement told reporters that they rushed to the scene to find the beast standing over the other man's dead body.

Officers with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife used hounds to track the cougar, which they found behind a tree 80 feet away, Abbott said.

Cougars are solitary animals that tend to avoid human contact and attacks humans are rare, with 15 recorded in Washington State over the past century, just one of those resulting in a person's death. He rode for 2 miles before he could get a cellphone signal to call 911.

The Washington Department of Fish and Game was tracking the animal down, which reportedly ran into the woods following the attack.

"The deputies shot at him and spooked him, and he ran off", CNBC reports Abbott saying. "It was skinnier than normal", he said.

"He or she, I don't know if the cougar was a male or female, had the body of the victim down in his den", said Ryan.

Myers said a preliminary examination of the animal, which has been euthanized, revealed that the 3- to 4-year-old, 100-pound male cougar was slightly emaciated.

Two victims from a deadly cougar attack in the north-western USA state of Washington have been identified.

This is the first time a mountain lion killed someone in Washington in almost a century. As he looked back, he saw the cougar dragging Brooks into the woods, Abbott said. Harborview Medical Center said the injured man was in satisfactory condition Monday.

The tests will be conducted by Washington State University's Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory College, which carries out some half-million such procedures a year.

While cougars' goal is to be stealthy as possible, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says they receive hundreds of calls about sightings each year. "This was an animal that was not healthy, and in its last attempts to try to survive did something it ordinarily wouldn't".

About 120 attacks, 25 of which were fatal, have been reported in the United States and Canada in the past 100 years.

He said that people should fight back.

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