Small business tax to be cut by 8.7% under Ontario PC plan

Ontario PC leader Doug Ford helps bake pizzas before an announcement at Capri Pizza during a campaign stop in Cambridge Ont. on Thursday

People 'won't feel' gas tax cut at pumps, Wynne says, but transit is at risk

Wynne made the remark in Ottawa Thursday when asked about PC Leader Doug Ford's pledge to drivers that he says are "gouged" at the pumps. "Today, Andrea Horwath refused to answer questions about income-testing because she knows it's going to cost people more - if they can even find a spot".

The Ontario PCs are unlikely to make the same mistake, preferring the option of a landslide victory built on voters' desire for a change and hostility toward the Liberals' mistakes, the main ones being in the field of electricity - a far-too-costly green energy program and the partial privatization of Hydro One.

Wynne toured the college's Innovation Hub with president and CEO Glenn Vollebregt and Kingston and the Islands MPP Sophie Kiwala.

Meantime, the Liberals and New Democrats were also busy on Thursday.

"It's easy to stop it, it's easy to wreck the progress", Wynne said.

But Lawlor said it's still relatively early in the campaign and Ford and Horwath are "tossing out these big ideas without solid plans and numbers behind it because it's not only very attractive, but also they don't need to set up these promises around numbers just yet. Is the cuts that will leave more money in your pocket". "There's always more that we can do".

Ford said the cut would help create jobs.

Wynne said her government has created a million new jobs working with the private sector and has the lowest unemployment rate in almost two decades.

Wynne also touted her government's commitment to free post-secondary school tuition to those who qualify.

Barring a major miscue by Ford, the NDP will likely win no more than 20 of the 124 seats and the Liberals barely enough to keep official party status. "To assume somehow that doing that and cutting corporate taxes for the richest corporations and the richest people in the province and somehow that will trickle down and benefit everyone, we've seen that doesn't work".

"Every day I hear from people that they are exhausted of the fact that gasoline prices are high and continue to grow".

Ford said he would cut gas prices by slashing the provincial gas tax by 5.7 cents a litre and scrapping the province's cap-and-trade system, which puts a price on carbon and has added 4.3 cents a litre to the price of gasoline. According to a press release, the tax on extraction of oil and diesel fuel in the provinces now amounts to 14.7 cents and 14.3 cents per litre, respectively.

"I'm saying that there are global forces that are forcing gas prices up", she said. We know that. The reality is that the prices fluctuate and vacillate wildly.

It's money brought to you, in part, by the provincial gas tax, Wynne says, but it's funding she attests is at risk in the upcoming election. The Liberal government announced a year ago it they would increase it in 2019 to 2.5 cents a litre, and up to four cents by 2021 - increases the Tories would maintain.

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