Nissan launches Energy Solar service and products

Nissan Energy Solar

Nissan expands into solar energy systems

The integrated system will allow energy users to generate their own solar power, which can be stored in a battery or used to charge an electric vehicle to reduce their overall energy bills by up to two-thirds regardless of which supplier they use.

United Kingdom customers have the choice to select energy storage systems that use either new or second-life batteries from Nissan electric vehicles.

In an attempt to combine electric mobility with environmental living, Nissan has launched its Energy Solar service that provides solar panels and energy storage solutions.

Customers will be given the choice to select energy storage systems that use new batteries or recycled batteries from Nissan's Leaf electric cars.

Nissan Energy Solar on sale in the UK
Nissan to accelerate UK solar market

If you're interested in checking Nissan's Energy Solar system out for yourself, you might be out of luck.

Nissan in the United Kingdom envisage that its Nissan Energy Solar system would be ideal for charging the Leaf electric vehicle thanks to the battery that can store energy for night time use, and both products fit into the brand's future strategy.

Speaking to an audience of auto industry professionals in London yesterday Gareth Dunsmore, electric vehicle director for Nissan Europe, said that the product would allow United Kingdom homeowners to make significant savings on their household bills.

While the likes of Google, Amazon and Tesla having made similar moves in the US, Nissan is the first to grab a stake in the UK's burgeoning home energy market. Though prices will undoubtedly differ depending on your specific home's power needs, the full AIO solution will begin at £7,635.

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