Nikki Bella Says Her Breakup With John Cena Isn't A Publicity Stunt

This is why WWE star Nikki Bella doesn't want to have kids by her own

Nikki Bella still sees a happy ending with John Cena

Nikki's desire to have a family was a point of tension in her relationship with ex-fiancé John Cena. He's such a sweetheart and I truly love him so much. "This person is my number one, and it's something that's very valuable to her, and of course we can do this. all of that switched because I love her".

Bella insists that her relationship with the 16-time world champion is definitely over and the rumours are hurtful.

Bella continued, "So mine is just been blown up and then people also are telling me I'm faking it so you're now saying that my heartache is fake, and that makes it even harder".

"At first I thought the royal wedding was stealing my shine away for a while, I'm like, 'Of course they have to get married right by when I was getting married, '" she joked. I'm a human being, a human being that literally went through a breakup. I'm rooting for their happiness, and if it means them not being together, then I'm for that too, not just because everyone on the outside looking in wants it to be this thing for them. I think when you sacrifice for so long, it's like, you can give so much and then you kind of get exhausted of giving. "We are best friends and, right now, we're both giving each other time separately and maybe there's hope that we reunite in the future". The good, the bad and the ugly, it's all going on our show. It just shows everyone out there that you're not alone, cold feet really exists. I'm her twin, I have her back.

"I'll admit it actually made me smile really big", Bella told us of the not-so-subtle Instagram post. "I hope that our paths do come back together and I think they will".

The Total Divas star also spoke about how many fans had reached out to her since she called off the wedding with her Blockers star fiance last month.

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