Microsoft announces the Xbox Adaptive Controller

Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller Breaks the Barriers for Physical Disabilities

Xbox Adaptive Controller

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is the end product of years of research, testing, and development.

The new Xbox Adaptive Controller features big and easily identifiable buttons, USB ports, an oversized directional stick for easy movement and 19 different ports for connecting various accessories for extending the facility of customization. Our CEO, Satya Nadella, has talked about how fundamental it is that we push the limits of what innovation can do in a deliberate push to be comprehensive of everybody around the globe. "We have been on a journey of inclusive design, which celebrates and draws inspiration from people who are often overlooked in the typical design process". The Adaptive Controller is a foot-long rectangular device using a d-pad, menu and home buttons, the Xbox house icon and 2 extra-large black buttons which may be mapped to some goal. The left side has a USB port for left thumbstick input and a 3.5mm stereo headset jack. Through a partnership with Warfighter Engaged, an all‐volunteer non-profit which simplifies gaming controls for badly wounded veterans through adapted apparatus, a prototype has been put together that could become the Frog.

Microsoft enrolled the assistance of gamers with constrained versatility for contribution to the controller's improvement.

With a sturdy yet simplistic design, the Xbox Adaptive Controller, or XAC for short, features two very large buttons that are soft and easy to press alongside an over-sized d-pad.

Xbox Adaptive Controller
Xbox Adaptive Controller

The tidily designed controller is the product of Microsoft developers' efforts combined with inputs received from The AbleGamers Charity, Craig Hospital, The Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Warfighter, and SpecialEffect. He's been playing with the Xbox Adaptive controller for a few months and has only good things to say about it.

Controller to the Xbox One console, targeted at making gambling more accessible for those who have disabilities and mobility constraints as part of the Gambling for everybody initiative. I can make the controls fit my body, my desires, and I can change them anytime I want.

The news comes as the charity Muscular Dystrophy UK has released a report saying more needs to be done to help disabled gamers.

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