Liam, Olivia top NY state list of most popular baby names



Nationally, Liam and Emma were the most popular names for children born in 2017, according to the SSA.

Liam also was tops in the nation for boys, but Olivia was No. 2 in the United States, topped by Emma. Parents supply their baby's name to the agency upon applying for the child's social security card. In Oregon, the most popular name for girls in 2017 was also Emma, but closely followed by Olivia. Input any given name to see its popularity. Zoe/Zoey would have grabbed a top 10 spot as well. In fact, the top ten names in each category are very similar to last year's list. William takes the top boy slot followed by Elijah, Noah, Liam and James. The agency began compiling the list of most popular names in 1997.

The Social Security Administration announced on Thursday the most popular baby names in Florida for 2017.

Rounding out the top five in OH are Ava, Olivia, Harper and Charlotte for girls, and Carter, Noah, William and Lucas for boys. There were only 47 of those in OR past year (but 229 Olivers).

While the crazy-popular names don't change a lot from year to year, the lesser-used names have more mobility.

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