Donald Trump reports significant LOSS in golf club income since taking office

Donald Trump reports significant LOSS in golf club income since taking office

Trump Reports Golf Income Down Since Taking Office

Unlike past presidents, Trump refused to fully divest from his businesses when he assumed his role in the White House.

President Donald Trump's love for golfing does not appear to be working as great publicity for the golf courses he owns.

Earlier this month, an attorney for Trump asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit that argues that the president's acceptance of payments from foreign and state governments at the hotel violates the Constitution. He put his oldest sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, in charge of the Trump Organization.

Trump's worldwide hotel management company saw a 500 per cent growth in income, Business Insider reported, up to $17.1 million. Perhaps no property saw more benefit than Trump's Washington, DC, hotel, which saw income spike from $19.6 million to $40.4 million.

At Mar-a-Lago, income was $25.1 million, down from $37.2 million in the previous report, MarketWatch reported.

At the Trump Park Avenue building in New York City, where income dipped from $29.9 million reported in the 2017 disclosure to slightly more than $14 million in the 2018 edition.

If the course's 2017 income is taken on a monthly basis and projected to a longer time frame to adjust for the different report lengths, still show a decline in the millions. About 60 percent of that came from events by the Republican National Committee.

Correction: This story originally stated that the 2017 reported covered all of calendar year 2016.

Trump golfed on Thanksgiving Eve, while Obama fed homeless veterans, and also hit the greens at Trump International Golf Club three days after visiting survivors of the deadly massacre at a school close by in Parkland, Florida.

Even if not all Trump's properties were doing as well as the prior year, there were other perks.

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