Apple HomePod Shipments Estimated at 600000 for 1Q18 [Chart]


Amazon's global smart speaker share drops below 50 percent in first quarter

Apple sold close to 600,000 HomePods in the same period.

With 43.6 percent market share, Amazon shipped an impressive four million smart speakers during the quarter though its global market share almost halved from the same period in 2017.

Amazon holds 43.6 percent of the market, which is down from the 81.8 percent it held during the first quarter of 2017.

One of those smart speaker manufacturers that achieved stronger growth than Amazon in the period was Google.

Search giant Google managed to ship 2.4 million Home products during the quarter, registering a growth of 709% YoY.

Global smart speaker shipments reached close to 9.2 million units in the first quarter as revealed by market research firm Strategy Analytics. The company has largely dominated the smart speaker industry, but is now facing increased competition from Apple, Google, and Xiaomi.

Strategy Analytics has today released the numbers for its quarterly research of global smart speaker shipments in Q1 2018, revealing that Amazon's global market share has almost halved from the same period previous year, with Apple has become the fourth largest smart speaker brand worldwide following the launch of the HomePod in February 2018. Alibaba and Xiaomi are the leaders there, with their strong showing in the domestic market alone enabling them to push into the global top five, Watkins said.

You can check out the chart below for more details or hit the link for the full Strategy Analytics report, "Global Smart Speaker Vendor & OS Shipment and Installed Base Market Share by Region: Q1 2018".

Strategy Analytics vice president David Mercer noted that while the current crop of smart speakers are "by no means the finished article", the device has nevertheless succeeded in capturing consumers' imagination at its relatively early stage of development.

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