YouTube Music coming soon

YouTube Details New Streaming Service You Tube Music

YouTube to launch music streaming service on 22 May

There has been chatter for months about YouTube's plans to revamp its music-subscription offering, with the company's head of music Lyor Cohen talking regularly about the strategy to roll YouTube Red and Google Play Music together, while doubling down on recommendations and artist promotion.

Google's YouTube said on Wednesday it will launch a new music streaming service, YouTube Music, next week and unveil soon a premium service that will charge more for its original shows.

The service's Elias Roman commented: "The days of jumping back and forth between multiple music apps and YouTube are over". It is Google's ad-free answer to Spotify and Apple Music.

Confused? Well, essentially YouTube has made it possible for customers to opt for music only.

YouTube Music is getting an overhaul, which an emphasis on personalization.

"Cobra Kai" is a comedy series of 10 episodes, and is a sequel to the hit franchise "Karate Kid".

Then we get to the important bits: what these changes mean for the regular YouTube experience. Just like YouTube Red.

On that note, Google says that Google Play Music isn't going anywhere (yet).

Canada, along with Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, will see YouTube Music launch "soon". With Google News replacing Google Play Newsstand, it seems that Google is transitioning away from its unintuitive "Play" umbrella name. YouTube might very well become its sole entertainment brand.

The big question now is who will be paying for this new subscriptions? The ad-free, background play option will be available to users across all of YouTube.

For existing YouTube Red members, the current price will continue for YouTube Premium, it said.

Google also comes with YouTube Premium, the replacement for YouTube Red. While it has no shortage of such shows, very few can be named, much less remembered, outside of the circles that follow YouTube celebrities around like royalty. Google has worked hard over the past few years to create algorithms that detect licensed music and immediately shuts them down, but there is still a lot of free music on YouTube that no one but Google is benefiting from. Here are the details. Oh, and if you already subscribe to Google Play Music, you get a YouTube Music Premium subscription. It costs $11.99 for new customers and includes YouTube Music Premium.

So what is YouTube Music exactly? The timing is weird, but this is indeed Google's new streaming music service that will be at the forefront of their music push.

That service will offer the stock streaming experience, with rumors pointing to offline music playback support, customized playlists based on a user's listening history, and more.

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