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Elon Musk received the first Russian self charging iPhone X

iPhone X luxury battery case with integrated solar panel hits market, but costs 4x phone price

The gold plated handset, inspired by Musk, Steve Jobs and Nikola Tesla, has its own solar panel to keep the battery topped up. The first of the lot is intended for Elon Musk and will feature an extra engraving of the words "Made on Earth by Humans".

The company made a decision to name it's device in honour of the Tesla CEO, due to his dedication in developing cleaner electric sources of fuel.

The product named iPhone X Tesla "is equipped with a solar battery that transforms the light energy and replenishes the phone battery power with its help". The thickness has increased from 7.7mm to 16.2mm and weight has increased from 170g to 260g.

Per the website the device is black in colour, with a "shock-resistant case" and "impressive gold elements".

The iPhone X Tesla is essentially an ornate gilded body for the regular phone, with the added ability to charge the phone with a solar panel and additional battery. The company has not specified the specs of the solar panel system and how much more battery life one might gain.

According to AppleInsider, Caviar planned to produce only 99 units of iPhone X tesla but based on high demands and pre-orders, the company will now make 999 units.

The model was developed by national brand manufacturer of luxury phones and smartphones Caviar and got a PostScript Tesla, which is guaranteed must sympathize with the founder and owner of the brand for the production of electric vehicles.

What's the most amount of money you've ever spent on a phone case? This is the cleanest energy for which no cost is required. Ordinary buyers can purchase the iPhone at the Tesla X price tag 284 thousand rubles.

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