Town on N Korea border leads gains in China home prices

VK Singh is first Indian minister to visit North Korea in 20 years even as Pyongyang reconsiders meeting US on June 12

India looks to revive ties with North Korea

A North Korean Workers Party of Korea (WPK) delegation met with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday, the third time Xi has met with DPRK officials in recent since late March.

China called on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), South Korea and the United States today to make joint efforts to preserve détente on the peninsula and prevent another alarming crisis.

Kim's threat on Wednesday to cancel the June summit with US President Donald Trump aside, there is excitement in the air in the border town of Dandong, with expectations that China will be letting up on sanctions soon.

Ties between North Korea and China are showing signs of improvement after going through a tough patch for several years caused by the North's defiant advancement of its nuclear and missile programs. Average housing prices in Dandong jumped to nearly 5,000 yuan (about $789) per square meter in May, nearly doubling from 3,000 yuan per square meter in March, according to Chinese media reports.

"Welcoming the friendship group's visit to China, Xi Jinping said that China is attaching very importance to the work to propel the traditional friendship between the two countries sealed in blood to a higher stage as required by the new era", the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said in an English report. That compared with a 0.4% on-month gain in March.

Xinhua added the North Korean delegation wanted to learn from China's experience regarding economic development, and continue implementing the strategies agreed upon by Xi and Kim in their recent meetings. Dandong moved to curb the buying spree, instituting a resale ban this week. After meeting with Xi, Kim decided that wouldn't do.

Pyongyang said that the military maneuvers are imprudent and pose a challenge to the current situation in favor of peace on the peninsula, because they are the largest drills of its kind ever carried out by the two countries in the region.

In the words of Trump, "we'll see".

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