Tidal Is Allegedly Months Behind on Royalty Payments

Tidal misses the Tide

Now TIDAL is accused of failing to pay record labels on time

Hypebot has independently confirmed what several established Norwegian music companies told DN, TIDAL is months behind on payments to at least some rightshoders.

Norwegian financial newspaper Dagens Næringsliv printed the story after a year-long investigation, backed up by forensic analysis of a hard drive which it said contained "billions of rows of [internal TIDAL data]: times and song titles, user IDs and country codes".

Specifically, the Apple Music rival is supposedly lagging when it comes to paying three global record companies, and in some cases has not made royalty payments in more than six months.

"It is correct that there are delays in payments from Tidal", says Sveinung Rindal, CEO of Phonofile / head of The Orchard in Norway.

Though Tidal has not yet committed on this latest report, they previously characterized the publication's general tactics as a calculated attempt at sullying their reputation.

Tidal has had a rough time lately. Labels further distribute streaming revenue payouts to rights holders, including artists; if DN's report is true, it could be a serious problem for Tidal, which has advertised itself as offering artists a better deal than competitors. Tidal has denied the accusations, saying the data reviewed by DN was "stolen and manipulated" and denying the alleged adjustment to royalty payouts. "We have not been paid since October.people are talking about withdrawing [their music from Tidal]; I think there is a pretty upset mood". However, according to a new report it may have defaulted on that mission - since it's now months behind on payments to labels. "Or, not paying at all".

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