This iPhone X charger leak is so dumb I actually believe it

In the network of “leaked” images of fast-charging Apple

Future Apple iPhones To Feature Fast Chargers In The Box

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 both support fast-charging, but you need to buy yourself either an iPad charger or a USB-C charger to get faster-charging speeds.

According to details obtained by ChargerLab, the 2018 iPhones will indeed ship with 18-watt USB-C to Lightning fast chargers. Now appeared the first image of the original fast charging for iPhone, which will be equipped with subsequent modifications. Users of new products from Apple originally had to purchase the charger separately and of such dimensions that sharply discordant with the style and design of new devices. They will also be bundling a USB-C to Lighting cable which makes a lot of sense when you consider that Apple has pretty much done away with all USB-A ports on its laptops, which means that iPhone users looking to charge/connect their iPhones to their laptops either need to buy a new cable or use an adapter. This shows how fast the new charger would be in comparison to the previous bundled iPhone charging solutions. The blog produced the following render based on information from a source familiar with the production line. It was previously reported that Apple could open up the standard for fast charging and allow its MFi partners to start manufacturing compatible cables sometime in 2019. Also, the European plug on the renders suggests that apart from offering the new experience in the US, Apple is designing its fast charging accessories for global markets, including the United Kingdom and India.

ChargerLab's report follows a similar assertion from China's Weibo which said the phones would come with USB-C chargers as well as a USB-C-to-lightning cable in the box.

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