Sports Betting Has Green Light, but Poll Suggests Apprehension

By Sinéad Carew

By Sinéad Carew

For years, Las Vegas has held a fairly exclusive lock on legal sports gambling like this in the U.S. But a Supreme Court decision to strike down an act that effectively banned it in most of the rest of the country now means other states can permit and regulate it too. Instead, to save money on federal law enforcement, it relied on states' existing prohibitions plus the ban on authorization.

When New Jersey voters finally got their say in a 2011 nonbinding referendum, two-thirds approved of sports gambling.

Judge Napolitano's Chambers: Judge Napolitano explains why the United States Supreme Court ruled to allow states to allow sports betting.

Steve Stallings, the chairman of the California Indian Gaming Commission, said the group that represents 34 tribes wants specifics on what sports betting would encompass before the state moves to legalize it.

That ruling paved the way for states such as New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, and Pennsylvania to legalize online poker and/or casino games.

The Supreme Court decision reinforces the anti-commandeering jurisprudence of the 10th Amendment, which was dormant from the New Deal era to the mid-1990s.

Through a spokesman, Virginia Tech athletic director Whit Babcock declined an interview request, deferring comment to ACC Commissioner John Swofford.

Before this week's ruling, even many gambling opponents believed states - not the federal government - should make the decision, according to the poll.

Yes, and some key ones are hoping to act - quickly. I've mostly seen positive feedback on the ruling as it'll give the scene more sponsorships, allow people to bet and be more invested in esports, and possibly grow the viewing audience depending on how it is done. Would that be limited to professional events or sports the specific individual does not play or coach?

Without a new law, the OTBs and the tracks with video-lottery terminals would not be able to offer sports betting. "So we can't allow legislators to drag their feet". The Assembly is scheduled to vote again on May 24, ahead of the June 7 vote in the Senate.

Paddy Power Betfair shares shot up by over 10pc on Monday, while shares in William Hill climbed over 11pc.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, D-Bronx, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo both sounded a cautious tone Monday when asked about the Supreme Court's bill.

"If the Legislature or the governor says 'slow down, ' I'm gonna listen to them."

- In Massachusetts, MGM Resorts International, which this fall will open a $960 million resort casino in Springfield, Mass., told that it's ready to work with Bay State lawmakers on sports gaming.

In the wake of the Court's decision, there are several actions that leagues, teams, conferences, and schools should take to prepare for a world where state-sanctioned sports betting is commonplace. "It comes down to whether people who think they are experts on sports and bet on that will be attracted to racing".

The handle, the total of money wagered at tracks nationwide, has fallen from $15.18 billion in 2003 to just under $11 billion the past seven years.

What about the Native American casinos? "The legalization of sports gambling requires an important policy choice, but the choice is not ours to make", the nation's highest court declared.

"A betting business built on blockchain technology might assuage some of the historical concerns held by people about sports betting in the US, such as the threat of collusion, money laundering, and tax evasion, all of which would be more easily identifiable and enforceable against with a trustworthy shared ledger and the robust identity frameworks blockchain can provide", Corva said. Some might set up sports betting parlors.

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