Russia, Germany speak about preserving Iranian nuclear deal

Europe moves to protect its firms working in Iran from US sanctions

The outer wall of the Den of Espionage in Tehran 2017

A source in the Iranian Foreign Ministry also told TASS that Zarif will pay a visit to Moscow on May 14 for consultations on the nuclear deal.

President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the deal on Tuesday, saying it was deeply flawed, a stance at odds with major US allies and Russian Federation and China.

"What was significant is that Zarif reaffirmed their will to stick to the agreement if we find a way to help them a little", a senior European diplomat said. Existing contracts would be fulfilled.

When he quit the deal last week, US President Donald Trump gave businesses a maximum of six months to wind up operations in Iran or face swingeing penalties under American sanctions.

"There's a primacy of a political system".

Ushakov said the USA exit may help bring Russian Federation and European nations closer.

Maas acknowledged that they did not have the means to provide assurances for companies planning to do business with Iran.

The sanctions targeting Iran's central bank executives are some of the first actions by Trump's administration since pulling out of the deal to start ramping up that economic pressure.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov met with his Iranian counterpart Abbas Araghchi in Tehran on Thursday to discuss the latest development over the Iran deal.

Commenting on the USA intention to reestablish sanctions against Iran, Lavrov said the lifting of the UN Security Council sanctions against Iran could not be cancelled. That means that anyone, in any country, who does business with Seif or Tarzali could themselves be punished with sanctions, cutting them off from the USA financial system. Under the accord, reached before Trump took office, Iran curbed its nuclear fuel production drive and won sanctions relief in return.

Siemens says delivery of three gas turbines to Iran is still pending, but its business with the country represents a "very small portion" of overall revenue.

"We are a global company". Aside from the mounting military tensions between Iran and Israel, oil prices are rising on the uncertainty. "As we have always emphasised, Israel has a right to self-defence", said a German foreign ministry spokeswoman said in a statement.

Washington has long complained that the nuclear deal does nothing to stop Iran's ballistic missile programme or its interference in conflicts across the Middle East from Syria to Yemen. Trump also announced that the USA re-imposes the "highest level of economic sanctions" on the Islamic Republic.

Maas said Germany was seeking more details from the United States about fresh sanctions Washington was considering.

European and American companies could lose billions of dollars in commercial deals struck since the 2015 Iranian nuclear accord, and lose access to a major new export market.

"Whoever hits us will get hit seven times over".

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