Prince William's children get starring roles at brother's wedding

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With Meghan Markle's father now unable to walk her down the aisle due to his emergency heart surgery, there is no official word yet on who will give away the bride.

It is not yet known whether Elton will play the piano as part of the ceremony in St. George's Chapel, or if he will take to the stage at one of the receptions later in the day, but source close to the star have told TMZ that he will be involved in the celebrations. That means when Harry has a politically progressive moment decrying British colonialism, the barely obscured racism of two elderly relatives get the generic names of Lady Victoria and Lady Sarah (as opposed to, say, Princess Michael of Kent).

Guests, including an Irish student, will begin to congregate around the chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle early in the morning, with Prince Harry and his best man Prince William set to arrive at 11.45am.

Ever since Meghan and Prince Harry annouced their engagement, the bride-to-be has faced enough flak from her family, including her half sister, half brother and sister-in-law have all appeared on national television to criticise the American TV actress calling her names and claiming that she is a terrible person.

'He would have moved heaven and earth to be there'.

Members of Ms Markle's family have travelled to the United Kingdom amid intense interest from the world's media.

Mr Markle Jr reportedly said Kensington Palace should have offered his father more guidance about how to handle the intense media spotlight.

Meghan and Harry are keeping to tradition by spending the night before their wedding apart.

Meghan Markle's dad's heart surgery was a success.

Samantha Markle told The Sun she was anxious about her father and claimed she had wired money to him.

She said: "He is badly in need of help".

Asked about the possibility of performing, a coy Elton said: "It will be nice because I love him dearly".

'He's completely on his own'.

Harry's office said last week that all the bridesmaids would be children and that Markle had decided not to have a maid of honor because she could not choose between her friends.

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