OnePlus 6 proves to be a tough cookie in JerryRigEverything durability test

OnePlus 6 passes scratch, burn, and bend testing

OnePlus 6 Scratch, Burn and Bend Tests Reveal that it's a Good Daily Driver

Finally, the all-important bend test. The OnePlus 6 survived without a hitch.

The JerryRigEverything YouTube Channel has put the OnePlus 6 through its series of durability tests. Now, the OnePlus 6 comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and the back, which is tough. This happens to be the same score as the one that the OnePlus 5T achieved.

OnePlus who also threw in splash resistance this time around, did not have an IP rating to show for it, but the company claims that the phone can withstand splashes and the accidental fall into the sink easily, but cannot withstand a dip into the pool.

In his video, Zack starts off by doing a scratch test and uses the Mohs scale (a test of hardness) to examine how susceptible the screen is to scratches. Like other phones with Gorilla Glass 5, the OnePlus ended up with deeper grooves on level 7.

Zack also notes a thin plastic (or perhaps rubber) layer sits between the display glass and outer metal of the device, offering subtle impact protection in the event of drops; looks like a smart addition from OnePlus. The rear side of the phone also features Gorilla Glass 5 panel. The smartphone also has the "invincible" fingerprint scanner that protects from scratches, even from the ones that come from a razor blade.

Company OnePlus has unveiled its new flagship smartphone OnePlus 6, which received the appearance of the iPhone X. the Gadget has a characteristic "neck" at the top of the screen disposed therein a sensor, and based on the Snapdragon processor 845. The frame of the phone along with the buttons are made out of metal. The YouTuber found some flex, though the build didn't result in any cracks or kinks even with an impressive amount of force being pushed to bend the handset. "The metal frame is still intact and the glass remains unshadowed".

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