Man arrested at Melbourne airport

Angry passenger breaks through barriers, storms Jetstar plane in Melbourne

Man attacks Jetstar plane after storming the tarmac.

This is the dramatic moment a furious passenger ran onto the tarmac at Melbourne Airport and tried to storm a Jetstar plane because he was running late.

The man reportedly became irate with physical with Jetstar staff after arriving late for his flight.

Footage obtained by 9 Information reveals him attempting to tear the door off the aircraft, together with placing his foot up on the fuselage to get a greater grip.

The man then started smoking inside the airport terminal and at about 9.30am he rushed to the nearest gate where he pushed past staff and ran onto the tarmac.

He forcibly pulled a number of instances on the door of the Sydney-bound plane earlier than being restrained by baggage handlers.

It was delayed for at least an hour, as engineers examined the plane to confirm it was clear for take-off.

Eyewitness, Susannah Murray, told the Australian news channel that she saw the man "physically fighting with the staff".

"Someone was running on the tarmac!"

"This man was trying to get up the stairs, he was physically fighting with the staff, punching and scratching them".

The federal police showed up a few minutes later and took him out. He will appear in court next month and the police said that more charges may be laid.

"We reward our crew for safely dealing with this incident and restraining the passenger till police arrived", Jetstar mentioned in a press release.

A Jetstar representative said the man has been immediately banned from all future Jetstar and Qantas flights.

The staff restrained the 57-year-old - however he managed to break free and again reached the door of the plane.

"One of the employees came out with a wad of bandages and padding on his neck, he was the one being the assaulted the most", the witness added.

The AFP says it responded to an incident at Terminal 4 on Thursday morning and arrested a man who is assisting officers with their inquiries.

It is understood that the baggage handlers sustain injuries during the encounter.

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