Kangaroo found hopping along South Carolina highway

Rogue Kangaroo Spotted on South Carolina Highway

Police called to reports of rogue kangaroo on US highway

Reports showed the animal staying near wooded areas and away from the road.

Curtis Holt was travelling to work on Tuesday, May 15, when he spotted a rogue kangaroo bouncing along Highway 28 near the Georgia and SC state line.

The sheriff's office pointed out that kangaroos are not native in SC but a man living in the county has a license to own the marsupials.

Obviously, kangaroos are not native to SC.

Stearns, who's been in law enforcement for more than 30 years, said the early morning call to dispatch was a first for him.

The kangaroo was corralled by its owner a and is back in its pen as of Tuesday morning.

"My mom's friend saw it one night and told everyone at a party, they all called him insane", writes Lee Dammon in the comments section of a Facebook post by McCormick County Sheriff's Office.

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