Jay Rock is celebrating a 'Win' with his new single

Jay Rock Returns with New Single

Jay Rock Releases New Anthemic Single "Win"

Rock swaggers over the brassy track with assists from Lamar in the background.

TDE is now in the midst of The Championship Tour, and they finally have their rallying cry.

"Fuck everything else, win, win, win, win", raps Rock, who is now on "The Championship Tour" with Kendrick, SZA, and ScHoolboy Q.

This week, he blesses the masses with a new banger titled "Win", which sees production from Boi-1da and Vinylz and even features some notable ad-libs from Top Dawg cohort Kendrick Lamar.

"The album is done. I just had a minor little setback", Rock said.

"F*ck n*ggas don't stay outside when I play outside/I put the beats on, I'm like Dre outside/I got the Bay outside, and L.A. outside/And if you act bad, I'll bring the K outside/Go and get your money, bitch, none of my n*ggas on some amusing sh*t//I can tell real by who you runnin' with/I'm all in the field, duck huntin' sh*t", Jay Rock spits with power.

"It's already done", he continued. Rock continued, "It's mixed up, it's ready to go". You know, it's the business side, as far as getting things cleared and things of that nature.

Last night, Rock pulled the trigger on his first official record of 2018. When is the ring ceremony?

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