Instagram to promote digital health by measuring time spent on the app

Google’s new Android time management features. Image via The Verge

Google’s new Android time management features. Image via The Verge

He said: "Understanding how time online impacts people is important, and it's the responsibility of".

The feature was first discovered by app investigator Jane Manchun Wong via code hidden inside Instagram's Android application package, which shows the Usage Insights tool that will disclose the "time spent" on the platform.

Systrom did not specify if the feature will show the total time someone spends on the app, or whether these figures will be broken down further by day, week, or month. Of course, it's possible it could display all of these.

Now, Facebook's Instagram has confirmed a new "Time Spent" tool is coming to let users manage their time spent in the social network's app.

It's worth restating that at this point this is merely a piece of dormant app code so it's possible the feature may never see the light of day.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has now confirmed on Twitter that the company is indeed working on this Usage Insights feature, adding that the company is building tools that will "help the IG community know more about the time they spend on Instagram".

How many selfies have you taken today? But it doesn't block access to the video-streaming site, so you still have to use all your willpower to close the app (before immediately opening another one, quite likely).

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