Justin Timberlake gives concert shout-out to 88-year-old grandma

Grandmother meets Justin Timberlake at Orlando concert

Justin Timberlake gives shout out to woman, 88, surprised with tickets

Imagine getting a surprise from none other than pop star Justin Timberlake.

Bette Maloney, or Nammie to her granddaughters, Sarah Watson and Elizabeth Watson, received tickets to the show in her Easter basket.

JT told the packed crowd, "I want to give a special shoutout, there was a pretty little lady who ended up on the news here, by the name of Nammie, she is 88... I've been trying to figure out how to save money to go", Maloney says, almost in tears. The grandmother, nicknamed "Nammie", caught Timberlake's attention after a video went viral last month of her reaction to receiving tickets to his Man of the Woods Tour.

"Welllllllllll this happened", Sarah Watson posted on Instagram. Watson said that every time her iPad needs to be fixed, it's because she has too many windows open in Safari, and they're all related to Timberlake in some way. Justin added that he had met her that night and said wherever she was in the audience, he loved her. Within seconds, he noticed her.

When she hugged Timberlake she asked: "Do you think Jessica (Biel) would mind if I gave you a kiss?"

Watson returned the favor with her own social media shout out, thanking Timberlake for a night her grandma will always remember. You have set the bar impossibly high to ever top this Mother's Day ...

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