Apple could bundle 18W fast charger with this year's iPhones

Iphone 8 Iphone X Fast Charging

Credit Gizmodo

It looks like Apple will finally be adding a faster power brick in the box with the upcoming 2018 iPhones (iPhone X successor, a 6.5-inch "iPhone X Plus", and a 6.1-inch LCD model).

Now, power accessory blog ChargerLab is corroborating that rumor with new information from a supply chain source. Current iPhones and iPads enjoy noticeable recharging speed improvements when connected to iPad chargers and 29-watt MacBook adapters.

These renders appear to depict the European version of the new iPhone charger, featuring rounded pins. The earlier report by Weibo included drawings of what the North American charger may look like.

To be clear, Apple is not likely to ditch its Lightning standard in favor of USB-C. In other words, expect a Lightning to USB-C cable and a USB-C power adapter. Technically, the iPhone 8 and X support fast charging, but actually finding a charger to pull it off is trickier than it should be – not to mention costly. A new iPhone SE revision is expected in the next couple of months, but is unlikely to include the new USB-C charger due to its lower price. While we haven't heard anything on this end yet, Apple could pretty easily replace the standard iPad charger with the new 18W design and Lightning to USB-C cable. It resembles the current iPhone charger, although this one's oval rather than square-ish.

Renders produced by ChargerLab show the supposed USB-C adapter possessing an extruded pill shape similar to certain prior iPad and iPhone accessories, but different from the rounded square shapes now used by Apple's wall chargers.

The new power adapter and cable will allow for users to take advantage of fast charging without buying anything extra. "Using a USB-C for power delivery should result in significantly faster power delivery compared to the USB-A ports that Apple had been using since 2007".

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