AI-powered Google News app now available for iOS users

AI-powered Google News app now available for iOS users

AI-powered Google News app now available for iOS users

Google teased a new version of its News app with AI smarts at its I/O event last week, and today that revamped app landed for iOS and Android devices in 127 countries.

Google at the I/O event has specified that with this Google News app, a user can find quality content from a diverse set of credible publishers and can discover new genuine sources.

The third tab, "favourites", is pretty self explanatory, allowing users to pin filter topics, sources and locations they prefer without the guidance of Google's AI. Right on cue, the Google News app is now available to download from the iOS App Store.

The basic idea of the redesign was to make it easier for finding and reading the latest news and also providing a customized user experience to each reader.

The app leverages machine-learning algorithms to surface news, presenting these in bite-size chunks that lead into full articles.

The new app features four sections which include news content chronologically, breaking news, local news, and stories. On first opening, the "For You" tab shows you the top five stories of the moment with selected opinion articles and longer pieces to read below the bulletin.

The Newsstand section is a new addition to the Google News app. It now looks a little sparse without specific magazine titles, but we expect that'll come soon.

Heading over to the next section, there's a "Headlines" section, where it has sections categorised like latest, India, World, Business, Entertainment and sports, which is very much identical to the older Google News app.

Filtering the news manually seems like a mammoth task at times, so the AI element of Google News aims to learn from what you read to serve you a better content selection as time passes. "Full Coverage", as you would expect, digs deeper to information events, displaying Tales from a number of resources (even though you can not set preferences for all these), in addition to timelines for ongoing troubles.

"Newsstand" aggregates media and will eventually offer thousands of magazine titles users can follow by subscribing to or selecting a start icon. Newsstand provides Just subscribe to a book and see its most recent articles in Google's mobile-optimized AMP standard.

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