Orange Shirt Kid Gets Justice & Emote For Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4

The move is from way back when developers Epic Games ran their "Boogie Down Contest" - asking fans to submit their own dance moves online, with the best being chosen to be added in to the game. The victor was Populotus on Twitter, bringing things home with a fine dance that makes for a fine emote. Orange Justice is inspired by the Orange Shirt Kid meme and is probably the best dance emote of the bunch, if you didn't recognize one of the others, that is. If you've missed it, go watch it. Let it soak in.

Well it looks like he did win after all as Epic Games has included the Orange Kid Dance as a new emote for Season 4.

The Orange Justice emote becomes available for free at tier 26, or you can snag it right away with the Fortnite Battle Pass. Fortniters are awfully happy about it, and unsurprisingly, Orange Shirt Kid seems pretty pleased too.

It's not a hard one to unlock, either, available for reaching rank 26 on the free Battle Pass. The contest victor tweeted his congratulations.

Orange shirt kids submission on Twitter was favourite 43 thousand times and retweeted 23 thousand times, making him an instant star in the Fortnite community.

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