Bill Maher Bashes 'Dear Friend' Roseanne Barr For Supporting Donald Trump

Bill Maher Roseanne Barr

Bill Maher Bashes 'Dear Friend' Roseanne Barr For Supporting Donald Trump

Roseanne Barr wants to make a move from show business to politics like her friend Donald Trump. She once appeared on his Comedy Central series Politically Incorrect and he even appeared in a small role during the original Roseanne run.

Weiss asked Barr about the phone call she got from US President Donald Trump after the premiere of her show scored excellent ratings. He then claimed that Trump supporters are victims of the "bait and switch".

The Trump administration is seriously considering allowing Jonathan Pollard, a former intelligence analyst for the US government who pleaded guilty in 1987 of spying for Israel and providing it with classified information, to move to Israel, US and Israeli officials at The Jerusalem Post Conference in NY said Sunday. But here's what you're missing about Trump: when he says he's 'looking out for the little guy, ' he's talking about his d*ck.

"I've met him several times when he was just a civilian, or whatever you call it, not the president, just a showbusiness person and he was always nice to me".

Pollard served 30 years of a life sentence for spying in America for Israel, receiving parole in November 2015.

The comedian reminded his "dear friend" of her previous statements about millionaires and how she believes in a "maximum wage" and that if millionaires can't live on $100 million "then they should go to re-education camps. And if that doesn't help, then be beheaded". "All his ideas are based on national socialism", Maher added, to groans from the crowd. "You're not Archie Bunker, you're Bernie Sanders!". "They're confused - "So, Roseanne came back to TV but she's now a Republican?'" he said".

He added, "It's like a reboot of Will & Grace and Will was into women now".

He closed the segment by offering a suggestion for Season Two of Roseanne.

He ended by saying, "You impulsed-purchased Trump".

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