Google's 'Files Go' app now available in Odia

Google Photos for Android adds more powerful movie editor

Google Photos on Android Gets New Video Editor, Files Go App Updated

An update to the Photos app is rolling out on Android smartphones and it includes new more powerful movie editor. While you can do that in other editors and then re-import it back to Google Photos, it involves several extra steps, unlike if you have it already built-in within the app. The same update was available for the iOS platform which is finally available for Android users as well. This alone is sure to be an incentive enough for many people to join, but furthermore, by enlisting, you'll also take part in different studies that will help shape the future of Android and improve the user experience. The tool has built-in functions which lets you create an fantastic video at your end.

The latest Photos update brings more simpler design with easy navigation options. However while professional-only apps still exist, and for good reason, there are have also been a release of more straightforward video editing software that even amateurs can use.

Google Photos is one of the most favorite photo editing apps for many. While the older app had a three-dot menu with "Settings" and "Help & feedback" options to choose from, the new version shows a hamburger menu on the left. The video clip created by the updated app lets you explore the clip on a device running an older version of the Photos app. The two options have been placed in the new menu and the word "Storage" has been changed to "Clean". The most obvious change is the white color scheme that replaces the all-black background that has been around until now. The preview screen has shifted to the upper side instead of the middle one. The new functions are pretty useful which makes the app's user interface more easier. Users will be able to move the clips up and down. The feature was earlier available on Google Photos for iOS, which was reportedly based on the Clips app developed by Fly Labs and acquired by Google three years ago.

Google on Monday said that its "Files Go" app is now available in the Odia language. You can go ahead and get the app updated right now from the official page.

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