Time to turn the page on Russian Federation probe: White House

Comey Interview

Comey announced reopening Clinton email probe days before election to give himself 'cover': Trump spokesperson

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"I think it really is getting time to move on and I certainly think the American people would appreciate Congress and the rest of the country being able to focus on some of the things that really impact them", said Sanders on Sunday on the ABC News programme "This Week", Efe news reported.

"When the person that is supposed to lead the highest law enforcement agency in our country starts making decisions based on political environments instead of on what is right and what is wrong, that's a really risky position".

When asked about his reaction, Sanders said Trump's dissatisfaction with Comey remained. Been proven to be dishonest. "Comey said that it is possible Russians have some dirt on the president".

"At some level, wasn't the decision to reveal influenced by your assumption that Hillary Clinton was going to win and your concern that she wins this comes out several weeks later and then that's taken by her opponents as a sign that she's an illegitimate president?"

Ahead of former FBI Director James Comey's "20/20" interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos Sunday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared on ABC News with Stephanopoulos and blasted Comey as a leaker and a liar. "He was absolutely right", Trump said.

Sanders on "This Week" slammed Comey, saying he has been "inconsistent constantly". He accused him and his former deputy, Andrew McCabe, of having gone soft on his campaign rival Hillary Clinton.

She characterized Comey's actions as "dangerous".

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