Syria: missiles fired at air base near Homs

Syria: missiles fired at air base near Homs – state TV

Syrian State TV Says Air Defenses Shoot Down Missiles

Syrian air defenses responded to a missile strike in the central province of Homs after midnight Tuesday, state news agency SANA reported.

"None of the combined aircraft or missiles involved in this mission were successfully engaged by Syrian air defenses and there is no indication Russian air defense systems were deployed", EUCOM said in a press release.

"We don't comment on such reports", Reuters quoted a spokesman for the Israeli military as saying.

Syrian state media is widely believed to exaggerate their claims of shooting down incoming missiles.

Mr Joudeh added shortly after that "another air defence missile was just launched".

The raid in Homs countryside reportedly coincided with another missile attack against a military airbase near Damascus.

It is now unclear what the airstrike was targeting.

Reports say six missiles have hit Shayrat air base in Homs and three missiles have hit Dumayr airbase, but these are unconfirmed so far.

Israeli interventions: Tel Aviv has carried out multiple airstrikes on Syrian government targets during the conflict.

The US Department of Defense said there was "no USA military activity in that area at this time".

The United States, Britain, and France launched more than 100 missiles in Syria on April 14, targeting three alleged chemical weapons facilities in an operation that Syria and its key ally, Russia, denounced as aggression on a sovereign state.

The strike was created to disable the country's use of chemical weapons after it allegedly used chlorine against rebels in Douma, eastern Ghouta on April 7.

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