EQ S : Luxury to go Electric, Courtesy Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-AMG could launch Cayman rival as next bespoke model

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According to the Bloomberg website, the new EQ S, now in development, should be ready to go by 2020, and it will represent the German company's direct attack on the Model S from Tesla.

The proposed full-size sedan, referred to as EQ S, will be part of the 10 all-electric cars Daimler AG unit will unveil by 2022, said Dieter Zetsche, Mercedes CEO, on Wednesday in Croatia while presenting the revamped Mercedes A-Class hatchback. It's believed the auto will benefit from a battery system entirely different that the one now produced by Mercedes-Benz. The EQ brand will be strengthened by hybrid plug-in models and will have a range of unique battery offerings.

Mercedes, the world's best-selling luxury-car maker, had record deliveries and profit past year as it defended the global top spot against BMW AG's namesake brand and Volkswagen AG's Audi marque.

Zetsche believes it's too early to consider possible risks that may result from trade barriers, insisting that new developments in Russian Federation associated with stricter proposed sanctions by the USA coincided with viable market proposals in China which signify potential encouraging legislation for outside investors.

When asked to comment on the increase of opportunities in China, he reiterated that Mercedes will welcome additional opportunities. He further added that Mercedes has good relationship with BAIC in China and it will meet China's planned quota for electric cars.

Daimler is open to exploring ways to cooperate with the company's new largest shareholder, Li Shufu, as long as the interests of the company's already existing Chinese joint-venture partner BAIC Motor Corp. are safeguarded. "We're not dogmatically closed", Zetsche said.

Mercedes hopes to lift sales volumes with expansion in the compact vehicle lineup.

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