Cliff Bleszinski accuses Epic Games of trying to poach Boss Key staff

Fortnite Dev Responds to CliffyB’s Talent Theft Accusations

Boss Key co-founder accuses Epic Games of poaching staff

After the disappointing launch for Lawbreakers, developer Boss Key moved onto the moderately successful 80s-inspired battle royale title Radical Heights.

While things could be looking up for Boss Key, it looks like some things happening in the background have now been brought to light, through the developer's head Cliff Bleszinski.

We'll keep you posted if the story develops further!

The similarities between Fortnite and Radical Heights, both of which are battle royale shooters with colourful aesthetics, are likely a factor.

According to Bleszinski, Epic Games has been poaching his team.

There's no mention of Brusee in this new allegation, or if Epic is poaching even more of Boss Key's talent. Brussee - who was also a co-founder of Guerilla Games - left Boss Key to work on "exciting secret project" for Epic Games.

McCarroll goes on to explain that "we all had our own reasons for making the choice to leave [Boss Key] for Epic", adding that it is "hurtful" to "act like we are commodities being stolen".

Moreover, since Radical Heights is built on Unreal Engine 4 which is developed by Epic Games, those with significant experience with that technology may have wanted to work at its creator.

Bleszinski said then of Brussee: "He is not only a brilliant person but also a dear friend and I wish him well in his future endeavors".

Details surrounding the accusations have yet to be revealed, such as what Epic Games is supposedly doing behind the scenes to entice Boss Key members to leave the company, or whether Boss Key members have already left due to the practice. With Fortnite back, Radical Heights has returned to decent, but more sobering player numbers.

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