UN Security Council to gather at Russia's request on Friday

Russia hints support for a UN probe into Syria chemical strike

Russia, US headed for clash at UN over Syria gas attacks probe

"The use of chemical weapons, once allowed to spread, is a threat to everybody and if that takes hold and becomes a routine part of fighting, then we are all at risk", said Security Council diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Philippe did not mention a possible military response against the chemical weapons attack being reportedly considered by the United States and some other nations including France and Britain. British MPs have previously voted against military action on Assad's regime, but have backed airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.

This is now the 12th occasion that Russian Federation has vetoed action on Syria at the Security Council, which it has the right to do as one of the council's five permanent members.

Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said Russia's proposals were created to give them veto power over the findings and staff of an independent investigation and thus protect Syrian leader and Russian ally Bashar al Assad.

Condemning Moscow's veto, US Permanent Representative Nikki Haley said, "History will record that, on this day, Russian Federation chose protecting a monster over the lives of the Syrian people".

The threats of USA military movement in opposition to Syria "must make us severely apprehensive, all of us", Nebenzia talked about.

Russian Federation and the United States clashed at the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday after Moscow vetoed a Washington-drafted resolution to set up a panel to identify the perpetrators of toxic gas attacks after chemical weapons were used in the rebel-held town of Douma in Syria's Eastern Ghouta.

The draft received five votes in favor (Russia, China, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan and Bolivia), four votes against (the United States, the UK, France and Poland) and six abstentions, falling short of the minimum nine votes required for adoption.

Haley talked about the US "went the extra mile" to get Russian help, saying the rival Russian choice would have allowed Russia to determine on the investigators and assess the top results of the investigation.

There was little expectation that members of Congress would object if Trump launched an attack on Syria, despite some calls for lawmakers to exert their power to authorise military action.

"You don't want to take heed to the reality that no traces of a chemical assault had been current in Douma", Nebenzia talked about.

The Syrian government says US threats to attack it are "reckless" and endanger worldwide peace and security.

The workers moreover accused the Islamic State extremist group of using mustard gasoline twice in 2015 and 2016. The next two offered by Russian Federation failed to get a majority, avoiding the need for a Western veto. He called that body "a puppet in the hands of anti-Damascus forces".

Trump has made it clear he plans to make the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, and perhaps his Russian and Iranian backers, pay for the latest alleged toxic gas atrocity in the war-wracked country. A resolution needs nine votes in favor and no vetoes by Russia, China, France, Britain or the United States to pass.

Syria's United Nations envoy Bashar Ja'afari, speaking at the close of the meeting, emphasized that his Government had officially invited the OPCW to send its fact-finding mission to investigate.

Nebenzia talked about two groups of OPCW specialists may probably be on the underside "as early as this week".

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