New Street Fighter 5 Character Falke Releases In April

DLC Fighter Falke Comes To Street Fighter V On April 24th [Updated: It's Official!]

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition adds Falke on April 24

Capcom has released the reveal trailer for Falke, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition's third Season 3 DLC character. Falke's staff, "Harmony", not only gifts her great reach, but can also be infused with Psycho Power, which allows her to deal heavy damage to a hapless foe's noggin and even fire projectiles like a hunting rifle. In addition to the Season 3 characters, the game will include 28 characters from Season 1 and Season 2. Years of harsh training went by, causing Falke to spiral deep into despair, wishing for it all to end. She will have a standard outfit, as well as battle and story costumes.

The key to Falke's power in Street Fighter 5 is her staff, which players must charge up by holding down one of the punch buttons. Finally, Ed came to her rescue and they both were able to escape Shadaloo. Thanks to the gameplay video of her (below), she seems to be a range-based character who avoid projectiles while using certain moves.

The post outlines that Falk will "officially join Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on April 24". Down, hard punch, and hard kick, meanwhile, will make Falke jump into the air diagonally and slam her staff down onto her enemy.

As the trailer suggests, Falke can also shoot off projectiles, with moves like Psycho Schniede (uppercut), Katapult, which is more like a kicking pole vault move, and more.

Here is the information on her Critical Art, V-Skill and V-Triggers from Capcom-Unity.

Her V-Trigger II, known as Psycho Angriff, lets her "twirl around hitting the opponent into the air, which she then follows up with a surge of Psycho Power". Psycho Shrot and Kanonen can be cancelled into each other and can leave the opponent prone to a Critical Art.

In this three-block V-Trigger, Falke increases her ability to utilize her staff in various ways. Finally, pressing HP+HK in the air will cause Falke to use Psycho Jaeger, a stronger Psycho Feder that can ricochet off the ground.

The first method is called "Psycho Kugel", or "Standing", and it sends the power shooting out of the staff in a shotgun-like fashion.

The release is available to download as an upgrade for free in the Street Fighter V game.

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