House Speaker Ryan owed a debt of gratitude

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan speaks to the media on Capitol Hill in Washington U.S

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan speaks to the media on Capitol Hill in Washington U.S

The California congressman described by one House Republican aide as "your favorite fraternity brother"-apparently a compliment- was the leading candidate to replace outgoing speaker John Boehner in 2015 before he abruptly withdrew his name from the race, ostensibly because he wanted a "new face" to unite the party and possibly in response to salacious rumors about his personal life, never since proven or disproven, that were meant to torpedo his candidacy".

First elected in 1998, Ryan has never won re-election by fewer than 55 points. He flies home every weekend to his family in Janesville, Wisconsin, where he is married with three children and goes to church on Sundays. Noorani tweeted: "Thank you @SpeakerRyan for always hearing us out on immigration".

Matthew Soerens is a top official for World Relief, a so-called VOLAG or Voluntary Agency, which is paid to help settle refugees in the United States. Scalise has more appeal among the aforementioned Freedom Caucus wingnuts, but he's also seen as a loyal chain-of-command type, and has pledged not to mount a direct challenge to McCarthy.

Amodei was probably the most people in their own considerations, whilst others contested if Ryan might, like a lame-duck speaker, lead the chamber departure any meaningful laws - though a slight legislative agenda beforehand lets incumbents to concentrate more on re election as chief season warms up. Republicans acknowledged Wednesday morning that Ryan's seat will be far more vulnerable without the speaker on the ballot.

"I can tell you what they were [in] 2013; we were together in April in Chicago", Gutiérrez told me of Ryan.

Breitbart News exposed that 2013 meeting, where a video recorded Ryan and Gutierrez stumping for Sen.

"There are a lot of candidates like Mia that we're recruiting all around the country", Ryan said, adding that even after he bows out in January, he will continue to work at fixing the party's diversity problem.

"Well, I- I- I don't like the fact that you feel that way".

"It's not a total shocker that Paul Ryan is choosing not to run for reelection, or that he saw his days in Washington as being limited", says Casey.

"No disrespect to Paul, but quite frankly, you want somebody who's got skin in the game after the elections", Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nevada, told The Washington Post. Paul Ryan was an original cosponsor of comprehensive immigration reform. My heart soared that day. "Not everything, but much of what I've wanted to do". "I've worked on this issue back since the early 90s".

But after a long internal battle about poorly drafted, unclear healthcare proposals Ryan spearheaded and with dissenting Republicans refusing to support the cornerstone, party line legislation, Ryan was unable to make good on his promise. Yet with 9 in 10 Democratic voters disapproving Trump's performance as special counsel Robert Mueller 's investigation closes in, leaders of a Democratic House could not prevent a 2019 impeachment drive even if they considered it counterproductive. How sad. How cynical. How better to describe a politician who poses as a leader for racial inclusivity, yet apologizes for President Trump's racism by suggesting his unending litany of insensitive and offensive comments and actions were merely a part of the president's on-the-job learning curve?

And it could also trigger another wave of retirements among Republicans not eager to face angry voters in the fall and taking their cue from Ryan.

In 2014, Ryan displayed his callous disregard for the suffering of poor and hungry Americans when he argued against progressive budget proposals that urged giving low-income students free lunches.

Mr Ryan is by all accounts a good man. On one level, the delay made some sense.

Paul Ryan started his political life hoping to be the champion of a sunny, forward-looking conservatism. That's why a populist real-estate developer and TV showman has eclipsed lifetime policy-wonk Ryan as the GOP's leader.

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