Confidential Mode coming soon to Gmail

Gmail accounts to get new Confidential Mode, and it could change how you use email

Gmail Offering Self-Destructing Email Feature

Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation?

Gmail is heading for a re-design both through its appearance and software with one of the new updates being a "self-destructing" email, according to reports.

The feature also includes a confidential mode which will prevent the recipient of the email from forwarding, downloading, printing or copying and pasting text from the email.

It's also worth noting that end-to-end encryption hasn't been mentioned.

If you're sent an expiring email you want to secretly squirrel away, all you need to do is capture an image of the screen to peruse the message at your leisure.

The report also indicates that a "Learn more" link in the preview points to Google's help section, though the linked page was not found. This is similar to the LinkedIn message replying feature.

The updated Gmail on desktop is also set to include two of the best features that are now available in Inbox by Gmail - Google's other email app.

TechCrunch first confirmed the feature, including screenshots that reveal how it will work.

Like most of Google's services, Gmail has seen an astronomical rise to success with the email platform now thought to have over 1.2billion users worldwide.

Gmail sent an email to its G Suite customers informing them of the changes.

The update is also aiming to bring a new cleaner and less cluttered look for the Gmail along with other new features like smart reply which allows you to instantly select a reply to the mail from three possible options generated by Gmail from analyzing the context of the mail.

The re-design will be released in the upcoming weeks.

The default inbox view also has new icons that differentiate the types of attachments accompanying emails, as well as list file names, though the compact view returns the icon to the traditional paperclip and hides file names. Users will be able to choose from one week, one month or a couple of years for when they want the email to disappear. That design language has also been gradually iterated since it was introduced. Further commits have noted other changes to design mechanics that appear to be meant to improve support for touchscreen support on Chrome OS. The changes are expected to be effective in the coming weeks.

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