African presidents congratulate China's Xi Jinping, Russia's Putin

Not Such a Great Wall       Among G20 members China now has some of the lowest tariff barriers              Source World Trade Organization

Not Such a Great Wall Among G20 members China now has some of the lowest tariff barriers Source World Trade Organization

"President Trump certainly sees the Taiwan Travel Act as a lever to either get Beijing to be constructive in dealing with Pyongyang, or to get the American people to see China for what it has become-a risky threat to Asian-Pacific peace and stability", Tkacik said.

While this will predictably draw sharp protests from China, similar to those when the bill passed the U.S. Congress, President Trump must make it clear to Beijing that this in no circumstances violates the "one China" principle, the political foundation of U.S.

Relations between Taiwan and China have been quite poor since Tsai took office in 2016.

Taiwan's top official responsible for counterespionage and national security admitted publicly this week that a more bellicose Beijing under "Emperor" Xi Jinping might attempt a pre-emptive strike to tame the self-governing island.

Putin once again congratulated Xi on his recent election as the Chinese president, saying that this important decision of China's NPC once again proves the high prestige of Xi and the support of Xi by all the Chinese people.

Washington D.C. [United States], Mar 22 (ANI): United States President Donald Trump is all set to announce tariffs on Chinese imports on Thursday, a White House official said. "The U.S. executive branch has sent more senior officials to Taiwan since Trump has come to office", the Taiwanese Foreign Affairs Ministry noted. As both the US and Taiwan have grown to become each other's tenth and second largest trading partner, the law's passage simply recognizes the two's shared security and economic interests.

US and Chinese policy toward Taiwan are based on a so-called "one-China policy" but both nations have sharply different interpretations of the policy.

China's foreign ministry said it had lodged an official protest with Washington over Wong's visit.

"The Taiwan Travel Act does not bind or force President Trump to send officials to Taiwan, or receive officials from Taiwan", the FPRI explains.

In this regard, allowing high-level official contacts between the USA and Taiwan is in accordance with the TRA. While addressing chamber members, Mr. Wong echoed administration complaints about Beijing's approach to business and trade.

"These are specific recommendations that will ensure both the [People's Republic of China] and our allies recognize that America's commitment to the Indo-Pacific is more than a piece of legislation or a power-point bumper-sticker slogan, which has to often be accepted as an effective national security strategy", Fanell said.

The law should also facilitate White House public statements regarding meetings with visiting Taiwanese officials and end petty restrictions such as barring US officials from meetings at the Taiwanese diplomatic residence in Washington known as Twin Oaks.

A journalist reports on a ladder outside the Great Hall of the People during the opening session of the National People's Congress (NPC) in Beijing, China March 5, 2018.

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