Woman arrested in death of her 3-month-old child

Kevin Hillier

Kevin Hillier

Her eyeballs had been removed from the eye sockets and placed on top of a cardboard box.

Around 2.30, Maheshwari made a decision to end it once and for all and took an iron rod and repeatedly hit on Raju's head until he died.

A shot time later, both she and employee purses are gone.

Davis' charges were filed after she allegedly lied to police, claiming she did not know Sanders.

Wasinger-Konrad's landlord told detectives she had cleaned an enormous amount of blood that morning from the upstairs bathroom Wasinger-Konrad uses but had no idea Wasinger-Konrad might have been pregnant.

Megan worked as a domestic worker at a house in Carnation Road and her employer says the mom-to-be was a trustworthy person.

In "Text Me When You Get Home" Kayleen Schaefer recalls a first date - not with a potential romantic partner but with a potential friend.

She explained she put her hand over the baby's mouth so her landlord's family, who were all asleep, wouldn't hear the newborn crying. The coworker found Balla covered in blood and called law enforcement.

"She was six months pregnant; why shoot her?" the relative asked.

Justice Soraya Ryan said Mr Geaney allegedly grabbed the woman's elbow and forced her to the ground when she and her husband found him in their Maryborough home late past year.

The report said she told police she's been drinking shots of "liquor and alcohol" that she usually doesn't drink. She will back in court for her arraignment on May 22.

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