Fortnite Streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins Making $500KA Month Thanks To Drake Effect

Ninja Is Teaming Up With Another Rapper For Fortnite Battle Royale Duo Stream     
          by Calcium

Ninja Is Teaming Up With Another Rapper For Fortnite Battle Royale Duo Stream by Calcium

"It's very hard to be one of the best at a video game - or anything at all in the world". This deal that Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime have together is incredible.

Fortnite, the cross-platform shooter game, has gone from strength-to-strength in March 2018, what with Drake and Travis Scott playing it on Twitch and then the game debuting on iOS, and now its success is even noticeable on Pornhub.

While there are many Twitch streamers that play the increasingly popular Fortnite on their streams, none are as popular as Tyler "Ninja" Blevins.

The most streamed artist on Spotify, whose latest hit God's Plan has spent the last seven weeks at number one on the USA singles chart, made waves this week when he joined the streaming video-game platform Twitch.

Blevin admits that a bevy of his monthly income comes from Twitch and Amazon Prime subscribers, alongside his abundance of followers on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

According to Ninja himself, he makes about $500,000 per month from streaming Fortnite and uploading content to his YouTube channel.

"I'm very goofy. I do impressions, and just insane shenanigans". He notes that both these abilities of his, makes the game "really fun to watch".

Ninja's popularity has grown by leaps in recent weeks, and it coincides with the rising popularity of the Fortnite as well.

Additionally, Blevin details his humble beginnings pre-streaming notoriety, while also giving a word of advice to prospective gamers. Epic Games' Nick Chester told Forbes that the team aims to support a "very wide range of Android devices" to ensure that all Android players get the same experience. Unreal Engine developers will get access to those features this summer, as part of Unreal Engine's version 4.20 release. Players will be able to "jump back straight into a game" after a match and "see what went wrong on the way to that victory royale", Epic said. A 30fps frame rate may not be as slick as its console counterparts, but it's equally as consistent (and therefore very playable), which is in stark contrast to the likes of PUBG Mobile [Free].

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