Cynthia Nixon hits campaign trail

Christine Quinn left is walking back her slam of former

Christine Quinn bashes 'unqualified lesbian' Cynthia Nixon

Safe to say, he's no fan - explaining that Nixon's in way over her head by trying to go straight to the top of NY government, and might be better served running for a local office first.

"Cynthia Nixon aggressively opposed my candidacy in NY despite my qualifications for the office and despite my strong progressive credentials".

Her campaign sets up a battle for the Sept 13 primary between a celebrity on the left of the Democratic Party and a moderate governor who is often mentioned as a possible presidential hopeful in 2020.

Quinn unsuccessfully ran for New York City Mayor in 2013 but is still very active in New York politics, and she doesn't like the idea of another high profile lesbian coming for her throne.

Facing criticism for her comments, Quinn took to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon to explain herself. "Participating in rallies is important", Quinn said. I want to be clear about that. "But she's never run an organization. I would never, EVER, criticize someone due to their identity", Quinn tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

In the video, Nixon accuses Cuomo of failing to fix "our broken subway", a hot-button issue for many New Yorkers, especially after 2017's "summer of hell," when extensive delays regularly caused crowding on the subways and platforms. "This is a time to move away from celebrity and toward progressive leadership". The MTA's woes largely come down to a budget that's been mismanaged since at least the '90s (including Albany siphoning its funds for other projects); a mayor and a governor deadlocked, each blaming the other for the state of things; outdated tracks and cars that are incredibly costly and time-consuming to fix; and natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, wreaking havoc on a deteriorating signal system, and heavy rains flooding stations to occasionally near-comic effect.

Earlier Tuesday Nixon held her first campaign event in Brooklyn, where she addressed her supporters and talked about her hopes to become the state's governor.

"Gov. Cuomo's accomplished [a lot] including a $15 minimum wage, opposing fracking and she's on record supporting the governor on marriage equality", Quinn said.

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