Man With Homer Simpson Driving Licence Gets Pulled Over By Police

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D'oh! Mischievous motorist tries to fool police with a Homer Simpson driving licence after being pulled over

The driver's vehicle was taken away by police.

Police Pull Over Driver Who Has Fake Homer Simpson License During a traffic stop in England, the driver was charged and his auto seized.

Thames Valley Police shared a picture of the of the permit on their Twitter account saying the auto was seized and its driver reported for driving without a proper licence.

The Twitter message added "The Simpsons" character's trademark catchphrase, "D'oh!" to the post.

According to Thames Valley Police, a traffic officer in Milton Keynes demanded to see a driver's licence following a traffic violation and was presented with Homer Simpson's classic "D'oh" face as the photo ID, as well as an address that is listed as "28 Springfield Way, USA".

One person wrote: "Everyone knows that Homer Simpson lives at 742 Evergreen Terrace!".

Milton Keynes, where the incident occurred, is a town that was only born in 1967, through an act of government.

Twitter users pointed out the unidentified male driver made several mistakes when crafting the spoof license, printing the incorrect address and date of birth for the well-known cartoon character.

The original tweet had over 10,000 likes, over 4,600 retweets, and over 140 comments at the time of this publication.

Now, the idea that some people use fake IDs won't exactly come as a revelation to anyone (though don't do it, kids, it's bad), with many having relied on them as youths to buy things they're not supposed to or sneak in to places where they shouldn't be.

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