Abortion returns to Supreme Court in free speech fight

Blayne Wittig executive director of Options for Women of California left a center in Concord California Debbie Whittaker nurse manager center and Christine Vatuone president and CEO of Informed Choices talk Feb. 8 at Informed Choices a crisis

Pro-Life Centers Have Free Speech, Too

But in response, groups such as NARAL and Planned Parenthood convinced California to pass AB 775, which requires pregnancy centers to post signs on the walls of their waiting rooms (or by other means) informing clients that California offers "immediate free or low-priced access" to abortion, along with the phone number of the county social services office. Centers that are unlicensed also must post a sign that says so.

The centres say that they are being forced to deliver a message with which they disagree because their aim is to steer women away from abortion. California says the law is needed to let poor women know all their options. Oral argumentswill be heard Tuesday. "It's only targeting pro-life pregnancy centers". Sotomayor said there was at least one instance dealing with unlicensed centers that seemed "burdensome and wrong".

"When you put all this together, you get a very suspicious pattern", Alito said. Suppose a pro-life state government were to require all publicly and privately funded abortion providers to advertise on their premises the locations and services of crisis pregnancy centers.

"It is deeply troubling that so called "pro-choice" organizations are supporting this California legislation as they are trying to crush women's centers that provide alternate choices for abortion".

Neither the 2015 law's legislative history nor the state's brief in defense of the law provides any evidence for the state's charge that the centers "confuse", "misinform" or otherwise harm women. And if you want to help pregnant women with anything other than the directions to the nearest abortion clinic, Illinois' legislature says Chicago - or Peoria or Springfield - is not your kind of town. Justice Stephen Breyer asked Michael Farris, representing the centers.

A political science and law professor, Schweber added that the Supreme Court has never directly weighed in on the relatively young professional-speech doctrine. NARAL contends that the centres mislead women about their options and try to pressure them to forgo abortion.

"Students from all across the country are paying attention to this case and coming to the Supreme Court in support of Pregnancy Resource Centers".

The pro-life baton in the case is carried by the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA), a powerhouse pro-life legal organization representing almost 1,500 member pregnancy centers in the U.S.

A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously upheld a lower-court ruling denying the injunction sought by NIFLA, a Virginia-based corporation with-at the time of the decision-73 licensed and 38 unlicensed facilities located in California. "Call us." Once she was there, Scott said, she was shown "graphic and inaccurate videos" about abortion for almost three hours. There are certain narrow exceptions, including appropriate informed consent regulations of the physician-patient relationship when a particular medical procedure is offered.

And both signs must be printed in up to 13 languages in all advertising and on their website.

Kennedy said that requirement is "an undue burden and "should suffice to invalidate the statute".

"The abortion industry is now working to roll this out and export this strong-arm tactic to other states which is unconscionable", explained Bereit. In Louisiana, Texas and Wisconsin, doctors must display a sonogram and describe the fetus to most pregnant women considering an abortion, according to the Guttmacher Institute, which supports abortion rights.

The California law compelling pro-life pregnancy staff and volunteers to promote abortion is "like the government forcing the American Lung Association to promote cigarettes", said Bereit.

The fundamental right to abortion has become "more fundamental than is the fundamental right of freedom of speech", even though the latter has been established for 227 years in the Constitution's Bill of Rights, says a briefing filed by Liberty Counsel, a Christian group dedicated to defending human life "from the moment of conception". A federal appeals court struck down parts of a 2011 Florida law that sought to prohibit doctors from talking about gun safety with their patients.

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