Trump Talks Traveling To Mars, Proposes New Space Force

Donald Trump fired Rex Tillerson capping months of speculation the secretary of state was on the verge of being pushed out

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The proposed Space Corps would have fallen under the Air Force branch.

Trump called for a new military branch to oversee space operations, conveniently dubbing the venture "Space Force" during a wide-ranging speech at Miramar Air Station in San Diego, California. "Space Force. We have the Air Force; we'll have the Space Force".

In no time, social media was mocking the president's comment and, of course, began spewing out memes.

"We will call it the space force", President Trump proclaimed.

The only thing better than its glorious dated theme song is that the 30-minute program co-starred a young, dashing Fred Willard as Capt. Thomas Woods.

He said some people may argue that a space force would "compromise the sanctity of considering space to be off limits from warfare".

The main goal of the president's visit to San Diego was to look over proposals for his massive border-wall campaign promise.

The problem is Trump's administration actively opposed the idea of a Space Force previous year.

For decades, proponents and critics have debated adding a dedicated "Space Corps", which would absorb the Air Force Space Command's current missions. Maybe we'll have to do that'.

Trump insinuated that the idea started off as joke, but that he might seriously be considering it.

"That could happen, that could be the big breaking story", Trump said.

McCurdy, O'Keefe and others said any space force would probably consist of cadets on the ground operating robotic systems in space. "We have the army, the navy". Vice President Mike Pence cited America's "prosperity, security and identity" in describing the initiative past year, noting that Russian Federation was eclipsing America beyond Earth's atmosphere and cautioning that both Russian Federation and China were formulating technology that could interfere with U.S. satellites. But the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act that passed last November actually banned it. (Also, the USA is part of an global treaty that prohibits countries from putting nukes into space.) What Trump seems to be referring to is the Space Corps with a new name.

It's not entirely clear what he means by "develop another one".

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