This Is Us season 2: Randall - Tess flash-forward theories

Ron Batzdorff  NBC

Ron Batzdorff NBC

While it appears old Jack will be a rare finale moment on This Is Us, Ventimiglia said it's "exciting" to think about the prospect of future versions of the show's core characters.

"In true [creator] Dan Fogelman [fashion], as well as the rest of our writers - we have the most awesome writers on our crew - they have built this attractive idea of giving the audience an aged version of Jack", Ventimiglia said before the This Is Us Season 2 finale. That would certainly qualify as something neither of them would be ready for.

In addition to learning more about Jack's past, Aptaker said we will also learn how the Big Three dealt with their father's death when they were seniors in high school.

Some fans think that the "her" that they are going to see could be Beth in the grave, Deja in jail, or someone in the hospital.

The season finale of the hit NBC show featured Kate Pearson [Chrissy Metz] and Toby Damon [Chris Sullivan] getting hitched.

While fans saw Deja's (played by Lyric Ross) backstory in the most recent episode, it's far from being over as more will come out about Randall (played by Sterling K. Brown, who has won history-making awards for his role) and Beth Pearson's (played by Susan Kelechi Watson) foster child. "I think they're gonna nicely wrap up the season with a nice bow, but they always leave you wanting a little bit more". Why are you going to Vietnam, Kevin? We're ready for a happy and uplifting Kate, though that flash-forward has us scared to death for her and poor Toby. Or maybe something worse. We'll see some of that moving forward, ' she added. We were startled when he flashed on screen, too.

Randall: Wait, Tess will resent us and Deja will end up on the pole? "It's important that we do that, that we just let go of those things we've been holding onto".

Deja was seen smashing the windshield of Randall's vehicle during the wedding. Consider the alarm bells ringing at full volume.

My second thought was that they were going to visit Deja, in prison. After Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) and Randall anxious at the start of the episode about Deja going down the wrong path, it looks like that's exactly where she's headed.

I think it's possible Beth and Randall could have divorced and that's why she's not there.

While Kate goes missing, Kevin and Randall go searching for her. If Beth was in a hospital bed, Randall would be posed beside it every minute his wife was there. And as it turns out, we were all kind of wrong!

This is the darkest timeline. Perhaps it was misdirection, and the flash-forward wasn't about Beth at all; perhaps Beth really will die of cancer; perhaps in the future, she's actually suffering from something more complicated, like Alzheimer's. I'm also eager to see Kevin happy again. Does Randall only go to get dinner with one of his kids? Viewers briefly saw an older Randall and grown-up Tess (Eris Baker). Reasonable doubt is really the only reason we have to believe that it's not Annie in the center of that conversation though. The most tense moment of this finale episode came when Toby made the case to his doubtful parents that Kate truly was the one for him-displaying a confidence that only made the moment that followed, when Kate seemed to be faltering, even more painful to watch. Whatever it is, it seems pretty safe to bet that Season 3 will keep poking at this question and building suspense-but it's worth asking whether This Is Us really needs to indulge in another prolonged game of "what really happened to that beloved character?"

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