There are 7000 pairs of shoes outside the Capitol. Here's why

7000 pairs of shoes on Capitol lawn to represent children lost to gun violence since Sandy Hook

There are 7000 pairs of shoes outside the Capitol. Here's why.

"Ahead of the March for our Lives, this monument is bringing the heartbreak of gun violence directly to congress' doorstep", Avaaz wrote in a press release announcing the protest.

A group of activists used the shoes to symbolize the amount of American children who lost their lives due to gun violence since December 14, 2012.

Activists with AVAAZ unloading 7000 shoes in the early morning hours on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, March 13, 2018.

He wore the gray Vans his son was wearing when he was shot.

The Parkland shooting was the deadliest school shooting since 26 - 20 students and six teachers - were killed in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Some of the shoes being placed on the lawn are from some of the victims, according to Avaaz. "Together they held up a sign that read "#NotOneMore", indicating that no more children should have to go through the pain, caused by gun violence.

The organization also said that some celebrities donated shoes as well, including Chelsea Handler, Alyssa Milano, Bette Midler, and Susan Sarandon.

The temporary memorial was on display from 8:30 2 p.m. on the southeast lawn of the U.S. Capitol across from the Library of Congress. When extrapolated to the five-year, three-month period the empty shoes protest encompasses, the number is closer to 7,460.

The shoe demonstration comes a day before a massive nationwide walkout by students to demand tougher laws on gun ownership, part of a campaign that emerged after the killing of 17 students and staff at a Florida high school a month ago.

And, on March 24, there will be another large demonstration against gun violence.

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