The Voice VS American Idol! Kelly Clarkson VS Katy Perry! WHO WON???

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Homegrown 'The Voice' contestant has selected a coach. Team Blake or Team Adam?

The Voice coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson continued selecting artists for their teams based on the initial auditions, which are winding down. Team Adam was full. Kelly suggested Livia should sing contemporary songs with her classic twist on them, but Alicia said they should be singing the classics. Alicia turned her chair around for the singer and said there was "unique individuality in her voice", like a mix of Florence Welch and Sia. In her case, she was separated for years from her twin sister as a result of her parents' battle with addiction, grandma's illness, and subsequent adoption.

Her voice is admirable as well.

Good on Dallas Caroline for knowing that the quickest way to Blake's heart (and bid button) is to come out with a classic country song that's exactly the opposite of what your voice is most obviously suited to.

Dallas Caroline took on Willie Nelson's Always on My Mind and it was a recent performance though she sounded a little nervous. Just like that, Keys' team was officially full for the season. Calister joined Team Alicia. He's made it through tougher times, of course, but even though he's got some soul and he sprinkles in some interesting hip-hop inspiration, it's not enough to compel the last two coaches to turn for him.

The very first contestant Tuesday night promised to be the latter. I was really waiting for somebody to just blow me away.

Kelly recalled being invited to Gwen's house for the first time with her husband Brandon Blackstock, who's also Blake's manager. After Jackie's aunt put a keyboard back into her hands, though, things started to turn around for her, and here we are. This final episode will be the hardest, because after hitting their buttons for five other episodes of singers, Adam, Alicia, Blake and Kelly have zero room for error.

"Yup, there you go", Clarkson responded, getting up and walking behind her chair in defeat.

But Stephanie could only choose between Blake and Adam, who turned their chairs around for her. Adam said she brought his attention to the song, where it belonged.

The 35-year-old singer works alongside Gwen's partner Blake Shelton on U.S. TV talent show The Voice and, alongside her husband, the pair have been enjoying double dates with the famous couple.

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