Taylor Swift totally lets loose, and nobody's looking, in new 'Delicate' video

Mike de Marko behind the woman in red

Mike de Marko behind the woman in red

Taylor Swift is known for some cleverly hidden references in her music videos which eagle-eyed fans always spot. Swifties and haters couldn't help but point out the similarities between Taylor's work and a 2016 Kenzo World perfume ad which featured actress Margaret Qualley and was directed by Spike Jonze.

On Monday, the musician released the video for her song, "Delicate", and it didn't take Twitter users long to point out that it looks pretty similar to a almost 4-minute ad Spike Jonze directed for Kenzo World perfume in 2016 starring actress Margaret Qualley.

In the video for Delicate, Taylor is at a red carpet event in a hotel, no-one can see her so she breaks away and begins dancing around. The singer also gets to be invisible in her music video and dances like nobody is watching.

While certainly entertaining, Swift's latest release has already drawn sharp critique from fans who have accused her of copying Spike Jonze's 2016 fragrance commercial for Kenzo.

Swift debuted the clip, in which she wildly dances at a swanky hotel, at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Some Twitter users have even compiled clips and stills from both videos, comparing them side by side to show similar facial expressions, dance moves, and even entire shots. Another said, "Taylor Swifts Delicate MV is a complete rip off of Spike Jonze's Kenzo advert with Margaret Qualley".

"Delicate" is the fourth song from Swift's album Reputation to receive video treatment. "Like as a Taylor fan I'm saying it and not denying it", another person wrote.

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