'Queer Eye' contestant Tom Jackson gets engaged to ex-wife Abby

Tom and Abby from Queer Eye have gotten engaged and we are far too emotional

We're Happy To Announce Queer Eye Fan Favorites Tom & Abby Are ENGAGED!

As somebody else gushed: "Love me a happy ending! I'd love for Bobby [Berk to] be [the] best man, and the other 4 be my grooms men", Tom tweeted. He announced that he won back his ex-wife, Abby, shortly following the premiere of the episode, and took to Twitter on March 12 to share the happy news that they've reconciled and are now engaged.

And at the end of the episode, Tom plucked up the courage to ask his then ex-wife Abby on a date.

"What a Netflix special the would be".

Thanks to Jackson's active Twitter presence, fans have been obsessed with the status of this relationship, a plot point that has extended long after the show's very bingeable debut.

The Fab Five have yet to publicly congratulate the newly engaged couple, but fans of Queer Eye have been quick to voice their excitement on social media. We need more scenes of Antoni Porowski and his curl of a smile clutching Tom's weird puppet and softly asking, "Wait-what's going on there?"

The couple appeared on the first episode of the new series, with Tom getting a makeover, and learning how to make guacamole and a slightly more sophisticated version of his "redneck margaritas" - not to mention winning back the love of his life, Abby. We can just see it now!

But if he does manage to swing that special, we know we'll be the first to watch it. Not only does he want the Fab 5 to plan the wedding-he would also like them to be in his wedding party as groomsmen. No word yet on how the local members of ROMEO feel about this development.

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