Platform Game Planet Alpha Joins Team17, New Trailer Released

Gorgeous platformer Planet Alpha partners with Team17

Survive A Dangerous Alien World In Planet Alpha On Nintendo Switch

Award-winning worldwide games label Team17 and Denmark based independent developer Adrian Lazar today announced that the attractive platform adventure game PLANET ALPHA has joined Team17's games label.

Planet Alpha is considered to be an atmospheric side-scrolling platformer adventure title. It's Planet Alpha from Denmark based independent developer Adrian Lazar. You will have to brush up on your puzzle skills too, as there will be some very creative ones in Planet Alpha.

Planet Alpha surfaced in 2013 as a side project of then IO Interactive employee Adrian Lazar. It surprisingly does not show off our lone astronaut's ability to rotate the planet and thus change the time of the day, which may come in handy during their journey to uncover more about the planet and how they got there, but it looks quite impressive nonetheless.

"Planet Alpha is the work of passion of a small but very ambitious team", said Lazar. He describes the game as "something special" and even though it took four years, they have put "everything [they] have into it". "I can not wait to share our creation with the world", says Adrian Lazar, via press release.

According to the press release, Planet Alpha will launch this year for PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. "It's such a pleasure to welcome PLANET ALPHA to the Team17 games label". "An unexplored alien planet is the ideal canvas for this so we let our imagination flow".

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