Google Contacts adds ability to send money via Google Pay Send

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Google Contacts adds ability to send money via Google Pay Send

But they continue to be testing out some product integration and features.

Google on Monday introduced a new video messaging feature for its mobile app Google Duo that would let users capture and share video messages when their friends can not answer their call.

Since this is a server-side change (it's on our tipster's Nexus 6P, but not his Pixel XL with the same Contacts v2.5), the lack of Request could just be Google having not yet finalized the addition. After selecting the desired one, a Google Pay dialog box will open prompting you to enter the amount to send. It allowed you to send and receive payments from other people through your mobile device or desktop.

At the beginning of this year, Google unified Android Pay and Google Wallet under the Google Pay branding. Soon after the video is played, the "Call Back" option will be available for users to reconnect with their contacts. The UI itself is basically the same as the one found in Android Messages, though you can choose which contact method (SMS, email, etc.). Although Google has yet to make any announcements, it looks like some Android users discovered the new feature is available and ready to use. That being said the "Request Money" option seems to be absent as of now, but the same was observed earlier in an apk teardown.

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