Dodgeville singer makes her mark on American Idol



It will be interesting to see if American Idol can regain the stature it once had in its early years.

Guys, what if the real story of this Idol season was about Katy finding true love?

What's the same, at least in Sunday's two-hour taped-auditions première? They are in New York City and 17-year-old Catie Turner of Langhorne, Pennsylvania starts the show off with a bubbly personality. Quirky. Singer-songwriter. "21st Century Machine" original song. Wow.

Perry commented that she loved "where [Turner's] mind's at", while Bryan said she is "interesting and brilliant beyond [her] years". She by far, had the best voice of the night.

Yet, this is a man who is a real comeback story! "You're Top 10", the "Roar" singer tells the 15 year old hopeful. Back to the audition. While the judges originally decided Bultongez didn't have an artistic identity after he sang James Bay's "Let It Go", Richie felt guilty and wound up changing his vote to "yes". He needs to work on his enunciation a bit, but he sounds pretty good.

Hardy coolly and calmly stated his creds (which included his favorite hobby, "drivin' my truck around town.burnin' gas"), causing Bryan to snap to attention, telling him, "Keep talkin', I'm gonna write a country song". "It happened to me", she says, no doubt inspiring millions of smiles. The judges seem uncertain. During the second night of auditions, judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan will meet Venezuela-born singer (and dancer) Michelle Sussett. Fortunately, Noah also brought a stand-out performance of Rihanna's "Stay" that snatched Katy's wig and sent Noah with it to Hollywood. She gets the first golden ticket to Hollywood!

Next up is musical theater actress Koby - no last name needed, apparently - a Denver native keen on referring to herself in third person.

Katy is later near tears after high school sophomore Alyssa Rhagu sings Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes' duet "Almost Is Never Enough" during her Orlando audition. She just did a bunch of runs and screaming. She's a little too much and Katy tells her she's not a pop star. "Everyone was crying. I was crying and then Luke Bryan came out, and he shakes my mom and dad's hand and says, 'You birthed a handsome mind, ' and all of that stuff".

Maddie, a 19-year-old college student from Clarksville, IA, sang "Rainbow Connection" from The Muppet Movie, and Lionel insisted they need her on the show. She is one to root for, and one hopes that Hollywood doesn't eat her alive. "I'm an excited, happy, fired-up yes".

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